Monday, 4 June 2018

K-Beauty News: New Banila Co Clean It Zero Balms

I have seen photos of these products on my Instagram, the last couple of weeks. One of the ultimate cult products in K-Beauty is the Banila Co Clean It Zero balms.
The popular products now got an upgrade: New formulas, new design and new texture, without leaving out the key ingredients. Plus, a brand new cleansing balm joined the team.

Banila Co is an affordable K-Beauty brand and their oil cleanser has been known for years. I tested the Clean It Zero Original (Danish review available here) and I was not impressed. I understand why people love the product, but it did not do any good for my dry skin. However, it did remove the makeup and the cleansing balm was easy to use.

The new formulas replace ingredients there are more skin-friendly (Don't we all wish for more skin-friendly ingredients in skincare?) The new formulas should also be smoother and have a higher melting point.

The Clean It Zero Original is supposed to match all skin types, but as I said, it did not work out for me. Therefore, I was very excited to see, that Banila Co has released a cleansing balm for dry skin. The product is called Banila CO Clean It Zero Nourishing and has a higher oil point than the others. It promises to make your skin more plump and moist, and it will also fight hyperpigmentation and give extra moisture to the skin thanks to royal jelly (Bee product that helps boost fertility)

I had been thinking about trying the Banila Co Clean It Zero Purity (Now called Purifying), but next time I order K-beauty I will definitely add the Nourishing balm to the basket. The product is affordable and hopefully, it will work for my skin.

If you would like to try out the new Banila Co Clean It Zero Balms, you can do it here:

Banila Co Clean It Zero Original: 
$ 16.00 at Soko Glam
$ 22.00 (Sale price right now: $ 14.99) at Stylekorean

Banila Co Clean It Zero Revitalizing: 
$ 25.00 at Soko Glam
$ 22.00 (Sale price right now: $ 16.00) at Stylekorean

Banila Co Clean It Zero Purifying: 
$ 25.00 at Soko Glam 
$ 22.00 (Sale price right now: $ 16.00) at Stylekorean

NEW! Banila Co Clean It Zero Nourishing:
$ 25.00 at Soko Glam
$ 22.00 (Sale price right now: $ 16.00) at Stylekorean

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  1. Hi,
    This is a very informative and an honest review of the product. What works well on an individuals skin is always a method of trial and error (especially when a product has royal jelly in it) Thanks for the review, will definitely recommend it.





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